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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Fire safety in private tenancies

Most landlords will put a smoke or fire alarm in a rented property.

Contact our helpline if you there are fire risks in your rented home.

Fire and smoke alarms

A landlord has to put in a smoke or fire alarm if

  • the property is a house in multiple occupation, or
  • the building control rules in place when the property was inspected required an alarm.

Carbon monoxide detectors

Your landlord only has to put a carbon monoxide detector in a room if

  • the room contains a fuel burning appliance, and
  • the appliance was installed after 30 October 2012

Fire safety in shared housing

Your landlord has to make sure your home has proper fire safety measures if it is a house in multiple occupation.

Fire safety for furniture

The furniture your landlord provides has to be fire resistant.

Fire safety checks

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service can do free fire safety checks if you are elderly or vulnerable.