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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Help with deposits

If you want to rent private accommodation, you'll need enough money for a deposit. While you may be able to apply for a discretionary support loan to help pay your rent in advance, you can't ask for a grant or loan to cover your deposit.

Charitable help

Certain charitable funds may be able to help people who are seriously struggling to get the money together for a deposit. Contact Housing Rights to see if we can help you apply for charitable assistance with your deposit. 

Negotiating with your landlord

If you are unable to get assistance from a rent guarantee scheme or the Social Security Agency, you could try to come to an agreement with your landlord.  You could offer to pay your deposit off over a period of time, say the first three months of your tenancy.  If your landlord agrees to this arrangement, it is important that you put the agreement in writing and get receipts for all your payments.

Any extra money paid to the landlord in this way should be treated as a deposit and may have to be protected in an approved scheme. This money should be returned to you at the end of your tenancy, as long as you haven’t damaged the property and don’t owe the landlord any rent.