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Negotiating the terms in your tenancy agreement

Make sure to read your tenancy agreement. Only sign it if you understand all the terms and you are happy to agree with these. 

You can ask to change the terms in the contract if you don't agree with them. Don't sign the contract until you are happy with it.

Does your contract make sense?

Some agreements used by landlords and agents use complex legal language.  But, your contract should use plain language.  The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says that all terms in a contract must

  • use plain language that you can read
  • not be in small print or hidden away
  • be fair.

Ask for a simpler version of the tenancy agreement if it is in complex language. Tell the landlord you are asking for this under Section 68 of The Consumer Rights Act 2015. 

Do you need to change the contract?

You may need to change terms in the agreement or add terms to show what you have agreed with the landlord or the agent.

You may have agreed things verbally with the landlord. Make sure these agreements are added to the contract. This could include things like

  • permission for pets
  • permission to decorate
  • promises about repairs or improvements
  • using the property for work or business.

You should always keep a written record of any agreements you make with your landlord or agent.

Get advice if you have any questions about your tenancy agreement.