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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Your responsibilities

This page only contains basic information and is the English version of our translated content.  For more detailed advice and information on housing in Northern Ireland in the English language, use the menu options on the homepage. 

Although your responsibilities can vary depending on the sort of tenancy you have and the agreement you have with your landlord, there are several main areas where you have responsibilities.

As a tenant/licensee, you are responsible for:

  • paying rent, as well as deposits and in some cases rent in advance,
  • keeping the accommodation in reasonable condition,
  • carrying out minor maintenance,
  • reporting dangerous faults or appliances,
  • ending the tenancy following proper procedures (giving the landlord 4 weeks' notice).

Your responsibilities can vary depending on the type of tenancy you have, or if you share accommodation with your landlord. If you’re unsure of your responsibilities, contact an advice agency.