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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Other Housing Executive grants

The Housing Executive has the authority to approve other grants, aside from the Disabled Facilities Grant and the Repair Grant.  Due to funding shortfalls, the Housing Executive will only approve the payment of these grants in very extreme circumstances.  Grants will only be approved if the Housing Executive believes that there is an imminent and serious risk to the health or safety of the person living in the property.  

Discretionary grants

The Housing Executive has the power to issue 7 types of grant.  Because of funding cuts, the Housing Executive will normally only approve eligible applications for the Disabled Facilities Grant and the Repair Grant. The other grants are

  • Renovation grant
  • Replacement grant
  • Home repairs assistance grant
  • Common Parts Grant
  • House in Multiple Occpuation grant

The Housing Executive won't accept new applications for the House in Multiple Occupation grant and will only approve the other discretionary grants in very exceptional circumstances.  Your circumstances will only be regarded as exceptional if there is a serious and imminent risk to your health or safety because of the condition of the house.  You should speak to your local Housing Executive Grants Office to find out if your circumstances are serious enough to qualify.