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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Plan your way out of arrears

There are different options available to help you find your way out of arrears.  It's hard to know which is the best option for you until you've spoken to an adviser.  If you're not sure how to plan your way out of arrears, get in touch with advisers at Housing Rights.

The key aspect of budgeting is being honest and realistic, whether you’re listing your income or your outgoings. A financial statement, containing a listing of your income and expenditure, is a starting point for dealing with debt and making a sustainable repayment proposal.

Lots of people get back on their feet after falling into arrears and manage to keep their home. Falling behind on your mortgage doesn't mean you'll have to hand back your keys or that you'll have to pay everything you owe in a lump sum. Your lender should offer you a range of options to help you get back on track.

You're in negative equity if you owe more on your mortgage or secured loan than your home is currently worth. Selling your home won't clear your debts.

If you’re struggling to meet your mortgage payments, you may also be tempted to consider selling your home and renting it back through a mortgage rescue scheme.