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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Private sector rent arrears

One of your main responsibilities as a tenant is to pay your rent.  The Housing Executive and housing associations will try their best to work with tenants who fall into arrears to make sure that they don't lose their homes, but private landlords don't need to do this.  You should let your landlord know as soon as possible if you're going to miss a rent payment and try to negotiate with them so that you can pay back what you owe at a rate you can afford. 

Almost everyone will experience difficulties paying their bills at some point. If you are worried about falling into arrears or missing a payment of rent, you should talk to your landlord about the problem. Free debt advice is available from a variety of local advice agencies.

Private tenants can apply for extra housing benefit if the amount they are getting doesn't cover their rent. This is known as a discretionary housing payment. The Housing Executive decides whether you are entitled to extra benefit and how much you should get.