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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Universal Credit housing costs if you're in temporary or supported housing

You can’t use UC to pay for most temporary housing. But, you can apply for Housing Benefit to help with this cost and still claim other elements of UC to help with your daily living costs.

You should claim Housing Benefit, instead of the housing costs element of UC if you are living in

  • a homeless hostel
  • a single let
  • supported or sheltered housing.

Staff in your accommodation can help you make your claim.

Moving out of temporary accommodation

You will need to update your UC claim as soon as you move out of temporary housing and into your own place in order to get help with the rent for that accommodation.

Help with rent if you’ve found your own temporary housing

You can claim UC housing costs to help with the rent on temporary accommodation in the private sector that you have arranged for yourself while you wait for an offer of social housing.