When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Help solving problems with Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a new benefit and it can be difficult to understand, even for people who have worked with benefits for years.

It is really important to get advice if you

  • Think that a decision on your Universal Credit claim is wrong,
  • Have been sanctioned and are struggling to manage,
  • Are not able to manage the online system,
  • Are struggling financially since you started claiming Universal Credit.

There are lots of organisations who can help.

Getting help with the housing part of your claim

Speak to an adviser at Housing Rights

  • if you are homeless,
  • if you are struggling to pay your rent or mortgage,
  • if you think a decision about your housing costs claim is incorrect or
  • if you’ve had difficulties claiming help with your housing costs as part of your Universal Credit claim.

Getting help with other parts of your claim

Find a list of agencies who can help with other Universal Credit problems on our website. These agencies can help with problems, like

  • Sanctions
  • Getting help with childcare costs
  • Decisions on your ability to work
  • Applying for advances