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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Getting UC housing costs help before you move into your home

Universal Credit will usually only pay rent for a property you are living in.  But, in certain cases it can pay a month's rent before you move in.

Your home needs to be adapted for someone with a disability

Universal Credit can pay the rent before you move in for up to a month, if 

  • you are responsible for paying rent on the new property, but
  • you need to make changes to make your new home suitable for someone with a disability.

This will only apply if the person with a disability gets

  • the daily living component of PIP, or
  • the care component of DLA at middle or high rate, or
  • Attendance Allowance.

Universal Credit can cover rent on your new home and rent on the home you are moving out of for up to one month if you can't move for this reason. 

You are leaving hospital or a care home

You can get help with the housing costs on a new home for up to one month before you moved in, as long as

  • You have now moved into your home and
  • You were legally responsible for making payments on the new home before you could move in and
  • You were in a hospital, a care home or similar when you became legally responsible for the payments.

You'll both need to meet the conditions above if you are a couple. 

Get advice if you've been told that Universal Credit cannot cover your rent costs.